No Notifications in Safari

By Chris, October 23, 2015

Notifications, weee! That was a great idea. Apple even says so themselves:

Local and push notifications are great for keeping users informed with timely and relevant content

See? Right there, “great”. Which might be true, if that’s how they were really used. But they aren’t.

Instead, any jackass developer can just click a checkbox inside Xcode and boom, their $4.99 countdown timer has Apple Push Notification Service built into it.

And why shouldn’t that countdown timer also send motivational quotes every 20 minutes and an ad on the hour? Developers would be practically negligent not to. It’s free eyeballs, right?

iOS is bad enough. On the desktop this shit is getting really out of hand.

See that? That’s a hitherto unknown dictionary website wanting to send notifications in the browser:

safari notification hell

What possible reason could a dictionary site have to send further, unbidden, communication? You’ve done your part, website, you’ve presented a word. I’ve done my part, I’ve read it, and then gone right back to watching Netflix.

So let’s just be grown ups about this, shall we? Perhaps I’ll come back again, perhaps next time I’ll go to Perhaps I’ll use the built-in dictionary app that I never, ever remember about (not likely). Frankly, that the Notification thingy drops down before I’ve even read your webpage makes all of this just a little bit weird. Too much up-front commitment, if I’m being honest.

Fortunately there is a solution. Turns out a few versions ago Safari added this checkbox to Preferences window in the Notifications section:

disable safari notifications

Check that off. There’s no website anywhere that needs to send you notifications. After all, that’s what those fscking apps are for.